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Search Engine Optimisation

So you have a website. Awesome! Great start. What’s next?

The traditional approach would be to print off a couple of thousand business cards and some flyers, maybe even newspaper, radio or TV advertising.

Did you know that 50% of all the offline purchase decisions made last year (where someone did not actually buy the item online), the research was done online?

Let’s face it. People use the internet for much more than shopping. They use it to help them make decisions. Don’t be in people’s faces after they have decided to buy, be there when they are looking around.

Our SEO plans are designed around results. When we guarantee something, we put some skin into the game. If we don’t do what we say, we work for free until we do!

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Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving the ranking of your site in the search engines. This is done in two parts, these are:

ON PAGE SEO – Maximising the relevance of your site’s content to your desired content.

When a Search Engine (SE) arrives at your site it has been sent there by a link. The actual text in that link or, anchor text, is the single thing that it is looking for. Should you have a link that says www.straightupseo.com.au (example only) and it points to ‘SEO Company’ then the SE does not mark you highly. Even the ‘www’ and the ‘.com.au’ aren’t needed. A better example would be SEO Company. In this example, the SE’s look for ‘SEO Company’ and when they find it they give you a tick.It helps however for this to be in as many relevant places as possible without being spammy for example:

  1. Title tag
  2. H Tag
  3. Content
  4. Alt Text on your images

Our On Page SEO strategies are designed to help you choose your desired keyword phrases and then maximise the relevant of the above areas to reflect these keywords and therefore get as many ticksas possible from the SE’s when they come visiting.a

OFF PAGE SEO – The process of building links back to your site so that the Search Engines (SE’s) can find you.

Off Page SEO or, link building is one of the most talked about and often misunderstood parts of SEO. Some believe that it is un-natural, others believe that you can build as many links as you want without any consequence.

AT Straight Up SEO we focus on one thing and one thing only. Don’t fool the SE’s! In Google’s own Webmaster Guidelines they point out that part of the ranking results is based on an analysis of the sites that link to you. This assists Google in providing context about the subject matter of your site, and can indicate its quality and popularity. The above link talks about breaches of the guidelines for activities such as link exchanges, reciprocal links (link to me and I’ll link to you) and links designed to manipulate Page Rank.

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