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Welcome to Straight Up SEO.


Our SEO Company is dedicated to being Straight Up and Transparent in all that we do. We take the time to explain the mystery of Website Design & SEO and show how your website can be harnessed as a POWERFUL MARKETING TOOL!

For too long Online Marketing has been seen to be a ‘dark art’. Wizards cauldrons and Magic dust…… Well no longer. SEO & AdWords are tried and measured advertising strategies THAT WORK and should be viewed as such. If you are looking for a new Website Design or SEO? You can find it here.

Just like any other advertising strategy you need to look at the return on investment from your campaign. The difference with Straight Up SEO is however is that we make it alot easier to measure your results against your spend as it is completely trackable.

How do we perform for our own site for SEO Results? We believe that there is no more true a measure of how we perform than how we rank. For a site that is only a couple of years old in one of the most competitive industries that there is we reckon we’ve done ok. The results below have been consistent for over 2 years now. Take a look for yourself:


  1. ‘wholesale seo’ – Positions 3,4 & 5
  2. ‘wholesale seo company’ – position 1
  3. ‘wholesale seo services’ – position 1
  4. ‘wholesale seo solutions’ – position 1

Not bad considering it is one of THE most competitive markets in the world….

To see some of our client’s SEO Results:

SEO Results | Click Here

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